Searching for… NewCountryPunkWave

This is what I call messing with genres. If I say new-country-punk-wave, what instantly comes to your mind? Nothing – until now at least. To give us a quite interesting overlook of this brand new genre is Max and the Wild Things. The band hails from Nashville, formed in 2009. It shows some of the later Social Distortion country punk in the last single ‘Wind Through the Window’, which gives a taste of the forthcoming album ‘Neptune’s Crown’. The record follows the self-titled debut, in which The Animals meet some of the more rockish Dylan, enriching it with some country-related lyrics, as ‘Borrowed Time’ proves:

Sun came out real bright today and swept the storms and fog away. / It let me see you down the lane, not waiting there for me. / If I’m just livin’ on borrowed time, I guess you just ain’t worth my dime. / Gonna move down to the next in line and forget your name.

The sound is more country than punk to be fair, focusing mainly on an acoustic guitar and vocals, alternating some quite simple tracks (‘RocketShipGO’) and some more complex tunes, languid and folky guitar included (‘East Emnet’). The debut also provides some blues vibes, like the quite melancholic ‘Saturday in May’, which comes directly from the 50s (guitar solo included). Recorded at  ‘Welcome to 1979 Studios’, the sophomore seems to be still blues rooted, with a profusion of country guitars and clear vocals. Last FM tags may deceive you slightly, claiming that the sound is more alt-blues rock, but it’s still quite fun trying to imagine the blending of country-punk and new wave.


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