Hey Colossus – Dominant Male

Hey Colossus

Dominant Male

(Clan Destine Records)



You’ll like it if

– you like hardcore and experimentations

– you think genres are overrated

Hey Colossus is a collective who love making music that has the purpose of destabilizing the listener. This happens in the EP ‘Dominant Male’, in which the band mixes kraut, post punk and sludge-doom in a quite disturbing. Hey Colossus is described as a punk moody scientist, who creates in a lab a sound which goes from Neu!, to Black Flag and Black Sabbath. Its way of going from visual music to random distortions explains the loud, heavy and frustrating atmosphere it creates. In a good way. If you are a bit masochistic inside – as I am. This LP, originally released as a tape, is a pure concentrated of noise, screams and hardcore burst.

The EP opens with the revelatory ‘Dominant Male’, a perfect introduction dominated by  distortions and interferences. Doom alternates with some noisy ambient, as the following ‘Relentless’  shows, feeling the same uneasiness of a Samuel Beckett play. Nothing happens, or whatever happens leads to a cyclic pattern. The drums create most of it, conveying sometimes a spell-like experience (‘Golden Eggs’). The interlude is set by ‘Old No 7’, a short ambient track (still a bit menacing) to the second half of the EP. With ‘False Start’ everything gets furious, raging and fast. A short, intense, hardcore moment that will lead to a White Zombie track, ‘Eurogrumble Pt2’. Electro and synths are present in the whole album somehow, but the electric vibe increases in ‘Eurogrumble Pt2’ to become the protagonist of ‘Love Nuts’.

All in all, ‘Dominant Male’ is not easy to digest. It may be perfect for the ones who already love the genre/style (listen to the new Roll the Dice to have an idea), but not for the ones who’re still approaching it and are not so keen on visual and disturbing music. It’s not a pleasant trip, but the feelings it conveys are the reason why we are choosing this path. So if you are brave enough, ‘Dominant Male’ is the best way to start your journey.


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