If you Were…Peter of Hymns

Hymns, or †HYMNS†, is a two-piece Rock band based around the Midlands. The duo, composed by ex-Blakfish Samuel Manwille and Peter Reisner make some classical-influenced garage rock, as the debut album ‘Contrary Virtues’ exemplifies (out via Big Scary Monsters and Function Records). You can get the free track ‘Miracles’ via Hymns’ bandcamp.

About me:

Pete: I’m a musical expeditionary…no past – only the present. I’m from a small town, the land ravaged by the mines. I enjoy literature and music by Woody Guthrie. I play in loads of bands, and I’m trying my absolute best to finish my degree.

If you were a color, which one would you be?

Pete: Yellow

If you were an ice-cream flavour? 

Pete: Cinnamon & caramel

If you were a movie?

Pete: The Running Man

If you were an instrument?

Pete: Bassoon no wait, drums?

If you were a super power?

Pete: In my early years I wanted to be a Golden Eagle. So yeah, probably the power of flight.

If you were a book?

Pete: ermm, Yellow Pages. 


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