Searching for Psychedelic (non)Brit Pop

On first listen, Capitan Love reminds me of a really intimate brit pop, a bit twee and highly contagious, catchy. A happy-go-lucky approach, if you get what I mean. There is some Lava lava love in it, a bit of Belle and Sebastian, duetting female/male vocals included (‘The Wasted Years of Captain Love’, the Italian ‘Ennio’), the most psychedelic Beatles, maybe with a pinch of Barrett (‘Blow into the Sky’) and you’ll have the new release of this Italian songwriter, entitled ‘The Wasted Years of Captain Love’.

Piano, echoes, guitar, a bit of trumpets and drums and a quite melodic voice: these are the ingredients of Captain Love, who reunites some famous Italian acts and friends to collaborate on his debut, which mixes some naive and more intimate songs (‘Lo Stagno delle Rane’, ‘The sky, Tonight’), with quite psychedelic tracks (‘A Cathartic Song’).

The debut also alternates quite deep and melancholic lyrics ‘if I could dream another dream / until the morning comes’ with nonsense bits: ‘I’m not an arab sheep because I’m only a little shit / I was dying in my bed but thank god now I’m still here / when I spoke with cool people I felt like a Jannacci song / I’m not David Bowie but I’m not a fat clown too / so one day I was playing a new song / dreamt in a dream / a man called Belladonna / broke off my guitar’.

Far from taking himself too seriously, his fresh approach is appreciated, for sure by the post-twee and indie pop connoisseurs. Good lyrics, quite clear English pronunciation (nothing to take too much for granted in this business) and an intimate atmosphere you can’t help but love. Moreover, the album is a free download at the official website, so why not get into it and spread the music?


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