Lovespoon – Lovespoon






You’ll like it if:

– you love country rock
– you want an excuse to have a picnic with your personal soundtrack

The band Lovespoon’s name comes from an old Welsh tradition, in which the boy carved a spoon for his lover as a sign of his love and affection. The decorated spoon should have been carved from one piece of wood, which is somehow the metaphor of this quartet’s self-titled debut, named after the band itself. Lovespoon blends in some country tunes, the folk vibe of the late 60s and some nu folk borrowed from Blitzen Trapper among others.

‘Lovespoon’ hails from the Italian province, but it’s music comes from the US from the 60s, providing electric guitar solos, clapping hands, cymbals and some psychedelic interludes (‘Broken Frame’). Even if there is still some modern indie in the air, especially in the ballad ‘Naked for You’ and the quite chaotic psychedelic attempt of ‘Before You Go’, the sound usually alternates between some contemporary indie folk (I’ll Find My Home’), with a good folk and country-like tangle of bass, guitar, cymbals, backing vocals and drums (‘In My Arms’, ‘Boogie of My Heart’). ‘Morgan Fray’ and ‘Valentine’ are spicier, with Dan Sartain-esque rockabilly guitar and sharp vocals, the latter reminding slightly of Dylan’s ‘Hurricane’. More Dylan and Crosby, Stills and Nash can be found in the country-folk driven tracks, usually focusing mainly on guitar riffs and solos, accordion and vocals (‘Curly Love’, ‘A song for You’).

The production is clear, whilst the vocals is not always comprehensive (this may be one of the flaws of the album) like in ‘Before You Go’. All in all, this debut alternates between some really impressive tangents from the origins of folk rock and a little less striking indie folk, providing a quite interesting reinterpretation of the big names of the genre. Highly recommended to the country-folk connoisseurs, who keep complaining this music from the 00s is not their cup of tea. You’ll be surprised.


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