If You Were…Dubious Ceasar

Swinging from tropicana to folk the Brixton-based duo Dubious Ceasar calls itself ‘nuclear folk’, quite an interesting sub-genre after the ‘schizophrenic rock’ on for a bit, releasing Alex Francis Massey, Evan Morgan released a few songs on the bandcamp. There guys are really social networking, therefore  keep up with the latest info and new songs on facebook, or tweet them @dubiouscaesar (see how late Evan is for a gig #HurryUpEv). Really ironic, eclectic and fascinating, Dubious Ceasar are now introducing themselves to us.

About us:


Hello, I’m Alex. I live in Brixton, London, with a few other like minded folk. I play my guitar and sing in Dubious Caesar. I like coffee and dancing. I have a bike called Claude. We explore London together.


Hi, I’m Evan, I play drums in Dubious Caesar, and do the odd bit of singing! I’ve played guitar and bass in previous bands but my hand-eye coordination is terrible so I prefer the drums because it’s harder to make mistakes!

If you were a color, which one would you be?

A: ‘Antique Sunburst’ like my first guitar. Right in the middle of the body it was a deep maroon red fading to black. That’s the one.

E: Blue, or something neutral that wouldn’t clash with my outfits. Do colours have outfits?

If you were an ice-cream flavour?

A: We went to stay with friends in Italy, a tiny hilltop town Montalto delle Marche. A little bar served the most amazing gelato. Pistachio and Amarena, that’s what I would be.

E: Does that mean I would be able to taste myself? If so then I’d be nutella with hobnobs and cream, otherwise I’d be liquorice and mustard – to avoid being eaten.

If you were a movie?

A: It would have to be “Brazil”. Dystopian futures are exciting, Gilliam’s is a work of art.

E: Hook

If you were an instrument?

A: I have one of Hawkwind’s old wooden recorders. I’d like to be that pipe just to see how crazy the psychedelic years actually got.

E: A Bugle, loud and simple.

If you were a super power?

A: The ability to make people tell the truth

E: Levitation, I guess it’s a bit like flying but more relaxed.

 If you were a book?

A: Perfume by Patrick Süskind

E: Gray’s Anatomy


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