Searching for Garage Rockabilly

Talking about Golden Ages, I cannot help but thinking about the country/blues-related revival, which seems the new trend for 2012. After a 2011 full of synths, 2012 seems to get back to more garage rock tunes and country influences. The Italian answer to the US/UK bands is Vermillion Sands. Born  in 2008, the project relied on simple guitar/bass/drums composition, focusing on neat sound and a vintage touch. Dan Sartain meets Neil Young (the ‘Everybody’s Rockin’ one) that meets the garage rock of Blood Red Shoes, giving an evidence of the distorted side of country rock. They released three others records: “In The Woods” is permeated by a bit retro atmosphere, creating tracks enriched with backing vocals and highly focused on emphasizing also the instrumental interludes (‘In the Woods’). After ‘Rj012’, recorded together with Movie Star Junkies, in the EP entitled ‘Miss My Gun’ (via Sacred Bones) shapes a fascinating garage blues sound.

Think about the Black Keys played faster, with a clear and powerful female voice and neurotic instruments (‘Miss My Gun’). It’s simple but catchy, and this is the real strong point of their sound. Distorted guitars and strong drums also create powerful blues ballads, where Anna’s voice is the icing on the cake. Their full length came out last March for the German label Alien Snatch. The last single, ‘Summer Melody’, resembles a bit of a Tarantino soundtrack, mixing some garage rock to a rockabilly-esque base, all blended in with a pinch of surf. Waiting for the second LP ‘Stressed Desserts Blues’, I’d suggest you to have a go with the LP of ‘Summer Melody’, available HERE via Shit Music for Shit People.


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