Songs for the Sleepwalkers – Our Rehearsed Spontaneous Reactions

Songs for the Sleepwalkers

Our Rehearsed Spontaneous Reactions

(Paper Wings Records)



You’ll like it if:

– you appreciate intimate alt folk
– you have always been fascinated by Nordic legends 

I always had a predilection for extremes, especially when it comes to music. Extremely fast , angry and distorted on one hand, and extremely minimal, lacking of voices and any other useless device on the other one. I like extremely relaxed and calm atmospheres, but I am also intrigued by disturbed and anxious ones. Therefore, when I listened to an intimate album like ‘Our Rehearsed Spontaneous Reactions’ by Songs for the Sleepwalkers, I was absolutely fascinated. It may not be the album of the year (a bit too early to say so) but it still represents the magical atmospheres of the Swedish landscapes.

The album mixes some mythological images with local legends, in an encounter between Thor, fairies and trolls.

The  acoustic folk can be enriched with synths (‘Icarus Falling’, ‘Awake’), violins, guitar and whispered lyrics leading to an intimate experience lived in this golden bubble that Andrea’s vocals create (‘Down the Line’). Even if the Golden Leaves-esque alt folk of ‘We are still here’ and ‘What if I do’ are the perfect synthesis of solid acoustic guitar riffs and minimalism, it is with the instrumental Spanish vibe of ‘Asleep’ that we start reaching the climax, touched by the intimate ‘Tell Me How’. Another step is taken by the lyrical and poetic ‘Set the World on Fire’, in which a more modern Jeff Buckley meets Nick Drake for a jam session with Amycanbe (just to give you an idea): a dreamy atmosphere created by delicate violin  and lyrics straight to the point.

This may be the better way to complete our journey through the Swedish landscapes and mysteries. Hope you will join me, you won’t regret it. Promise.


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