The Freaky Mermaids – Moonshine once betrayed me

The Freaky Mermaids

Moonshine Once Betrayed Me

(Quasi Mono)



You’ll like it if
– Blues and country are your cup of tea
– You know theres’ more to country than Dolly Parton
Everybody has their weaknesses, mine is basically female-fronted country pop. Not a Dolly Parton idea, it’d be more like Norah Jones at the time of ‘Feel Like Home’. Melodic vocals, backing vocals, acoustic guitar, piano and all the really intimate and all this tear-jerking atmosphere, which I cannot resist. Basically I found a new guilty pleasure, mixing the fresh energy of a town festival in Texas and the ballads composed on the banks of Mississipi. Here there are Freaky Mermaids, three talented women, who reinterpret blues/country/jazz/folk alternating between irony and melancholy.
Two musicians and an actress experimenting with words, music and poetry, released their début in 2009. Three years later ‘Moonshine once betrayed me’ comes out, showing the dark side of the blues. But the blues being dark enough themselves, it turns out to be lighter, sometimes enriched by trumpets and keyboards (‘All I do is sing the blues’), more often bluesy, focusing also on the second voice created by the instruments (‘Moonshine once betrayed me’, ‘Jane’s Choice’). The more ‘mainstream indie’ tracks (yes, I know I just wrote that and I’m going to die for those two words, but oh well) are the folky ballads, like the mandolin-driven ‘Loving U Ku’ or the violin-centered ‘Gentle way’, touchy, soft and delicate. Alternating these contemplative tracks, the trio gets back to the country tunes, perfect for a sunset (‘Paso doble (Flowers and jails)’) and the bluesy vibes, a bit Bob Dylan-esque (‘A rabbit’s tale’, ‘Oh, what you’ve done to me!’).
The already mentioned Jones, Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel, alongside with the Italian songwriting and the American blues singers, inspired such a funny, fresh, enjoyable and catchy album. Perfect for the country / folk / blues lovers, but also highly advised to novices. It is never too late to start.


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