DUST live @ Agorà (Milan)

I’d like to start by saying just how much I love Italian railways. During this massive strike I knew somehow that the possibilities that I could go to Dust’s presentation of the new EP ‘Kind’ were drastically reduced. Mindless of the danger of being stuck in Parma’s station till 9pm, I checked the train board, hopeful. Here, it states the only afternoon train not cancelled is going to Milan. Faith? Probably. But I was not going to waste the possibility of meeting Dust once again.

After an afternoon full of chatting and setting the venue, snooping around the rehearsal room and listening to the soundcheck, we relaxed a bit outside, smoking and revealing anecdotes of some past surreal experiences spent as a group, I realised that not only these six guys are incredibly helpful and nice, but also an expanded family, sharing everything, victories and delusions, movie nights and music taste (which is incredibly wide by the way, as also the music will prove in a bit). After having eaten some typical Italian-pasta-salami-bread dinner, I have a chat with one of the guest stars of the night, Nicolas of MasCara, who’s going to play the first cover of the night, the amazing “Laughing” by R.E.M. 

Starcontrol are the supporting act of the night, an Italian new-wave trio, supported by a drum machine and loads of reverb and delayed vocals. Not too bad, a bit Smiths and Joy Division-esque, bit quite far out from the sound we’ll get to listen to afterwards. Before I forget, I am going to introduce Dust. Andrea “D’Adda” is the singer; even if the vocals were not as clear as in the EPs, his English is quite good, also pronunciation-wise. Andrea “Jimbo” and Riccardo “Ritchie” are the two guitars, supported also by the second guest star of the night, the producer Matteo Cantaluppi. Then we have Gabriele “Gabra” on the bass guitar, Tomas “Tom” on the keyboard and hammond and Muddy on the drums (also percussions, doing an amazing job). A trumpet appeared as well, thanks to the last guest “Peda”.

Quite a few people on that stage, bursting out energy and team play, going from some dusty (Oh God, sorry for the pun) folk rock and blues rock, ballads and electric tracks, introducing this small masterpiece called ‘Kind’. I may be biased, but this is just because the music touches my classic rock side, the one in which the Old America lives again in front of the audience, just celebrating the music that the members of the band love. You can find all the big names in there; not tangible evidence, but old memories of years spent loving and worshipping the music from those decades. It may sound impossible, unreasonable, but the warm atmosphere, the drunken moments and this fellowship, or even brotherhood, are the main elements that make this music what it is. A celebration of the past, but always looking at the future.

And that’s how I end, after having slept 5 hours, ready for another interview tonight. If you were wondering why do I do what I do (again, my wording sucks), now I think you may see the magic behind music – only the passionate, and loved one. The one that makes you feel better and in peace with the world, even if for just a minute or two.  


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