Dust – Kind






You’ll like it if

– You need some music to warm you up during this cold winter

– You adore most of the rock from the 70s and beyond

Just in case you did not check my previous post (and if you didn’t, you’re missing out), I introduced you to Dust, an Italian six-piece based in Milan (and nearby), playing some of what you could label as classic rock, just with a pinch of contemporary ‘indie’ taste. ‘Kind’ is the second EP of the band, and it clearly shows a maturation and increasing confidence in what the band wants to convey to the listener.
These six young musicians have talent and can prove it, shaping five songs that connect 70s blues (also a bit of the 50s, but this just a blues fan talking) to a mix of pop and rock, in which rock dominates the balance of power. Firstly, the two guitars (Riccardo and Andrea) create a warm sound, mixing some basic riffs with an electric approach, interweaving the two lines (‘Never Defined’). Secondly, vocals are clear, melodic and with Cantaluppi’s production it’s easy to get the lyrics as well, giving Andrea’s vocals full scope in the more ballad-like ‘Still Hiding, Still Trying’. The wall of sound approach appears in ‘Ink Loaded Love’, in which the bass guitar also shows its essential role in creating such a strong base, leading the hoarse vocals and keyboards to an evolution of modern blues rock. “Collapse of Art” is a personal favourite, and a perfect synthesis of the magic around this band; an evolution of a blues ballad into a Derek and the Dominos-esque track, with Muddy’s drums beating in an ‘almost-jam’ that is close to touching but never a full nod to Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, the Doors and many more, too many to be listed.
‘Kind’ is an hypothetical meeting between REM, the latter Pearl Jam (less grunge ones), Muddy Waters, Eric Clapton and Neil Young. I forgot some of them for sure, but that should give you an idea. This is the EP you listen once now, whilst the snow still falls, but then can keep it for late spring, when days are longer and sunsets are warmer. When you can just light your cigarette and lay on the grass, possibly with a bottle of wine and six new fellow travellers.


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