Interview with Aedi between rituals and magics

The interview itself is going to be quite long, so I am not going to spend too much time introducing the band, also because the interview is quite complete, and in a bit there will be also the gig report of the live performance at Vizi del Pellicano. A lot of talking, but I a pretty sure it is worth spending some words about Aedi. An Italian band in a continuous evolution, with a spicy and adorable front-woman (who sings the cutest Chinese happy birthday ever) and chatty male fellow travellers, even more chatty when it comes to talk without the recorder on. (picture on FLICKR)

How and when did the AEDI project start?

Paolo: The project as we know it now was born in 2007. The big turning point was winning of a competition, which was based on how much beer the audience drank. Thanks to our friend we won hands down. Now most of them are in rehab though (laughs).

How did your music evolve from 2007 to now, musically and as a band? 

Celeste: We started in 2008, when our first self-released album came out (‘The Colors of the Yellow’). In 2009 the EP ‘Polish’ was released, and in 2010 it was the time of ‘Aedi Met Heidi’. Tomorrow we’ll get back in the studios to work on the recordings of our second full-length.

Do your albums revolve around a concept? The theme of the travel, for example, in ‘Polish’.

Cel: ‘Polish’ is a connection to Poland, connected to colors, the idea of traveling, long tracks with intimate moments composed for piano and voice. ‘Aedi Met Heidi’ has a sarcastic scope, making fun of the ones who kept misspelling our name. “What’s your name? Heidi, yes!” so we wanted to make it clear in our album. Apart from the pun, there is also another aspect, the word Aedi (Greek bards) is quite academic, and we wanted to work on the more childish and playful aspect of our music. Now the game has changed again, because as Paolo Ticà (guitarist) says “life is change”. Now the situation is different, we have thicker skin, there was an evolution that made our sound more choral and visceral, instinctive.

Paolo: During one of the dates in the tour they stole our instruments in Rome, and from that, without realising, we really mingled with one another to solve the problem. Moreover, a new drummer joined the team. His sound is harder, and this changed our music as well. After that we could not make childish music anymore; we were piss*d off, so the album itself is piss*d off. So, somehow, this album speaks with five different voices.

How did this change affect your lyrics? 

Cel: Lyrics reflect the choral aspect, because some tracks remind us of hymns, hymns of other tribes. There is a spiritual research, they also show some everyday topics, without becoming personal, but still with a ritual idea.

Talking about Marche, your hometown, how do you think that nature and Marchigiani landscapes inspired your music? 

Cel: We are country people, sporty, we are lucky living in a place that enables us to go to the seaside, countryside and the mountains. Nature won’t be in the next album, but it was in ‘The Adventures of Yellow’. Repetitiveness is not our thing, so nature is present, but as an indomitable force, like the wind. There will be a song about the wind for sure.

Of course, we can perceive this evolution in your music, trying new paths..

Cel: Well, there is for sure a cyclical element in our tracks, but we change the shades of our music, one of the elements of our music. Changing dynamics, colors and sounds.

More than once you highlighted the importance of visual elements in your music, so I was asking myself, how important are videos for your music? Who is directing them and from where does the idea come? 

Cel: The concept behind them is always connected to the people working with us, the directors have complete freedom in their videos, the story is shaped from the tracks. They are people we know really well, because we see their potential and we found a connection with them. The first video was recorded at the seaside, and was connected to the wind, whilst ‘Peter and Clara’ was directed by Davide Marchi and Francesco Tortorella in Roma (Madeon Lab). There are these colors, representing two people. It was released on Valentine’s Day, so its anniversary is in a bit. Another video was released by Palonero Film, a quite amusing crazy guy from Recanati and entitled ‘Monster’. The video is about a tragic-comedic episode, in which a cat is dead on the street, and we see a flashback of its story. His girlfriend cheats on him with a teddybear, then goes to the pub to drink with his friends, and eventually, after dying, his soul goes up in the sky, and I am his muse taking him to the sky.
Paolo: Let’s add that if you had stayed there another five minutes you’d burn yourself.
Cel: It was April, quite warm, and I am really pale. I got home and I was tomato-red.

Celeste, from what do you draw your inspiration as a singer? Do you have any female singer model?

Cel: Not really, maybe Janis Joplin, but just because she was a redhead. My music path was different, I went to the conservatory, classical music, and often people say I am too academic. However, I got in touch with futurism, experimentation, helping me to re-evaluate the role of your voice.

A question for all of you, if you had to name an album from your youth, which one would you choose? 

Daniele: Smashing Pumpkins, ‘Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness’.
Paolo: ‘Kid A’ by Radiohead.
Jones: ‘Nevermind’ by Nirvana, or maybe ‘OK Computer’ by Radiohead…even if I have not a particular one.
Cel: I bought Alanis Morrisette in secondary school, ‘Jagger Little Pill’.
Claudio: I bought ‘Yellow Submarine’ by Beatles, just because I liked the artwork. Then I listened to it and I like it, even if my favourite is possibly ‘Unplugged in New York’ by Nirvana

From what does the collaboration with Le-Li?

Paolo: We know Stato Sociale, from Bologna, and when we were with Recanati, where there was a gig of Le-Li, the band of Matteo Romagnoli, boss of Carrincha Records (the one of Stato Sociale)…
Cel: and the guy playing the clarinet in Le-Li is Vicentino, of Valdagno. We played there a week after the robbery, and we met, so when we saw him in Recanati it was a reunion.
Paolo: We invited them in Marche to play, there was a good connection and being both of us quite crazy, we thought: why do not we do a split?

Can you tell us something about your future plans?

Cel: We’ll start recording tomorrow (29th January) in Bellino, Cuneo.

Paolo: And for the first time we have a manager, somebody who’s helping us with the red tape…clap your hands for him…
Vanni (mukka agency): I’d say I am a mediator; they asked me to find a producer for the album, so the name of Alexander Hacke (Einstürzende Neubauten) came up. Tomorrow we go and get it, to start working, and as soon as possible…
Paolo: …we can jog around, it is good for your health…
Vanni:…exactly, and in the breaks we record the album. What do we know about it?
Paolo: It’ll have 13 tracks on it, and it’s going to be good. Really good. Not sure about how, when, by whom it is going to be released, but it doesn’t matter right now…
Cel: …and the title may be ‘Idea’, Aedi the other way around.
Paolo: …which is written the same way also in English. Hey, I didn’t think about that until now!

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