AEDI @ Vizi del Pellicano

28th January 2012

I wouldn’t have a coffee after 11pm. Oops. Therefore here I am, writing about the gig of tonight, 28th January. I was at I Vizi del Pellicano, a quite small venue, that is becoming more and more a venue for people of my age, even if just a couple of years ago it was more oriented to people in their 30s. Anyway, back to the track, the band I’m going to write about is Aedi (Italian pronunciation, thus it is not an homophony of Heidi). Aedi is a five-piece from Macerata, Marche. You’re going to learn more about them and their music career in a bit, in the interview which is going to be published soon. The live aspect is what I am focusing on tonight.

I knew the Bjork, Sigur Ros-esque sound of the old records, but I also discovered that the band itself is always evolving, changing its sound and sources of inspiration. Therefore, there is nothing to be alarmed about, if the tracks that the band performed on stage were the most fascinating representation of a shamanic ritual, soaked in tribal tunes, percussion vibes and the power of sound. The band played with volume, rhythm, pronunciation of vowels, cadence, recreating the Futurist ‘novoe Slovo’, (New Word). The signification loses its prominence, turning the sound of the significance into the real protagonist. The meaning loses its prominence, turning the sound itself into the real focus. As a modern Majakovskij these spells put into music are the exemplification of the Kručenič’s theory of the shift of relation between word and significance.

It is a new magic atmosphere, in which whistles, drums, xylophone and cymbals create all together a parallel universe, in which the audience is spellbound while listening to the music. Moreover, the band breaks with the conventional 4th wall, creating a sort of theatrical involvement, giving people instruments in order to participate to this propitiatory ritual. Sometimes angry, then racked and contemplative, these tracks are an exemplification of what the word evolution means. An example is the live version of ‘A Rabbit on the Road’, my favourite track so far. Energy bursting on stage, supreme.

Whilst waiting for the new full length, have a go with the old ones, just to be baffled by the versatility of this band.


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