Seaside Postcards – EP

Seaside Postcards





You’ll like it if:
– You still weren’t aware of the new wave of new-wave (no pun intended)
– You are a great fan of the Manchester sound
Back again with the new wave revival, the trend that started in 2010 seems to be stronger than ever, with the proliferation of Manchester-to-be bands, all soaked in Joy Division and  the Curtis halo. A band worth trying in its post punk attitude and neo-wave core (Gosh, I really hate genres) is Seaside Postcards. The eponymous EP is nothing more than a launching pad for this underground indie band, but it still provides a quite good example of technique and catchiness.

Talking about the Curtis halo, ‘Strange Days’ goes from some noisy Male Bonding-like atmosphere to a gloomier approach, mostly created by the bass guitar and distorted guitar, with some garage hints that reminds me of the earlier Dead Weather. Jumping to some really dark tunes and post-punk influences that shape a Lou Reed’s ‘Berlin’ scenario, the EP creates the perfect soundtrack for the adaptation in music of Orwell’s ‘1984’ (‘Ocean’). Getting back to the noise, Italian Schonwalds and Bauhaus seem to be joined by the most melancholic Smiths, in a faster but yet dark track (‘Ruins’). Fragmentation and distortion create the hypnotic vibe of the closer ‘Friedrich’, creating another link between the heavy 80s influences and the contemporary noise scene.

All in all, this course has already been served quite a few times so far, but it is still nice to know that there are some people who can do it well, without underestimating it as it was just a pinch of delayed vocals and gloomy lyrics. Some innovative cues are in the air, they just need to be encouraged.


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