If you Were…Low Fi

I have been talking about tendencies during these first months of the year. This wave (wanted to make a pun, but I am going to shush) of electro rock, industrial and new wave is now churning out new acts everywhere, like the post punk-influenced Low-Fi. This band has been on since 2010, when the first EP came out. Mastered in London, the debut LP ‘ What We Are Is Secret’, is out via Octopus Records. When Placebo meets the darkest side of the 80s, getting in touch with the electro-synth, focusing mainly on minimalism.

Introduce the band to somebody who’s never heard of you:

We are Low-Fi from Italy, we like to play electro rock with some new wave influences, this mix allow us to write music in a total free way

What are you up to at the moment:

I’m responding to your questions listening to Bauhaus “Gotham” concert once again

If you were a color, which one would you be? Why?

Black… is the sum of all colors

If you were a genre? Why?

I would be post punk because I love minimalism

If you were an ice-cream flavour?  Why?

I don’t know.. I ‘m diabetic!

If you were a movie? Why?

“Death In Venice” by Luchino Visconti , is a difficult work to understand , “Piano Metal” from our new Lp was written after I have seen it

If you were an instrument? Why?

Our Roland JP 8080, with good skills you can build any sound you have in mind

If you were a super power? Why?

Invisibility, I like to see without being seen.

If you were a music decade? Why?

80’s beacuse I am fascinated by the aesthetics, colors and sounds


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