Expo 70 – Hoovering Resonance

Expo 70

Hoovering Resonance

(Sound of Cobra)



You’ll like it if

– Space rock is a genre you’d like to explore a bit more

– You miss Garcia’s pieces and all the best from the 60s

I do not want to be always the nostalgic one, but I think that there’s nothing better than some good progressive/space rock soaked in 60s/70s influences in a cold and stormy night. The North American band named Expo 70 provided the soundtrack I was searching for, going from spacial atmospheres to some Pink Floyd-esque moments, and not just the “Dark Side of the Moon” ones, which I can clearly hear, but also some Barrett hints, going from contemplative to electric flashes (Grateful Dead’s acid rock is pivotal in this).

The single “Hoovering Resonance” is a 15 minute-long track, not really going through a real evolution, but keeping a constant pace interrupted by different interludes. Being out as a 7”, it also provides another track, “Moon Raga”. The song is more synth-oriented and magical in its shamanic outline, like a musical spell of a wizard. This is not just really Doors-esque, but it also reminds me of the Jim Morrison’s posthumous “An American Prayer”. “Hoovering Resonance” itself goes from the noisy rock of Dominant Male, to the cinematic influence of sci-fi movies from the 80s. Guitars and reverb are almost a perfect substitute of the vocals, creating a net of echoes that sharpens the feeling of being in a rite.

These two tracks provide almost an half an hour of music that may lead you to a parallel dimension, making an intergalactic journey in the saddle of a psychedelic guitar. Not too bad, counting on the fact that the only hallucinogen is acid.

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