Dear You, a quick Update from Me

Hey everybody,
this is me, your favourite blogger, writing again as a person more than as a couple of random lines on a screen. Things are getting bigger around, a lot of doors are opening and some exciting and ambitious projects may get a foothold. This means that the day is still 24h, my degree is still there and I still do webzines a quite regular service. I am alone here, and I realised that I could not keep up with everything, without losing the enthusiasm with which I started the blog.

Therefore (I probably scared all of you so far quite enough), posts are going to be less predictably scheduled, more reviews, gig reports and still interviews, but not on a weekly basis. I cannot anticipate anything going on (always journalism-music wise anyway), but I promise you’ll be the first ones informed. I thought that writing it would have been more transparent and honest, and that I’d have found your comprehension and patience.
Luckily enough there are plenty of tasty CDs, EPs, gigs and bands to interview out there, so keep checking the blog on the page, via Facebook and twitter.

Take care guys,
rock on and peace out.


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