Novanoise – Mock World


Mock World

7,5 / 10


You’ll like it if

– you do not need anything more than some genuine guitar-bass-drums

– you suffer from 90s nostalgia

 Amidst these young indie bands, it is nice to also find some groups who are actually rooted in the 90s, not just because they claim it, but also because they actually lived them, being a quite interesting reflection of that era. Born in 2006, but mostly composed of musicians who lived soaked in the Britrock and -pop environment, Novanoise is now out with its second album, entitled ‘Mock World’, that is fully capable of demonstrating an achieved maturity which can both follow the attitude that shaped the debut ‘Slave of Freedom’, but also adding some focus on guitars, bass and some electronic tunes.

If ‘Slave of Freedom’ lacked of some music bravery, not really going out from the chosen song structure and influences, ‘Mock World’ does not betray the core of the band, but enriches it with some distortions, fragmented interludes. This shows that also the influences of the band changed, and alongside Oasis, Starsailor, Wolfmother you can also hear something more late-Kasabian or Strokes-like.

Distortions are present in the whole album, creating a contrast with the clean and melodic vocals of Andrea, slightly Buckley-esque and melting (‘Night in Which I Can’, ‘Welcome to Myself’). The trend of reverb and post-punk riff can be hinted in ‘I Won’t Go By’,  whilst a bit of contemporary surf rock in ‘What I’d Like’ (A Classic Education) breaks with the late 90s tunes to keep up with the the current indie scene. Gloomy and sensual in their own way are the Placebo-like ‘The Style’ and ‘I Can Save Myself’, a perfect mix of distortion, thick vocals and new wave-ish atmosphere. Even if some of the earlier sound can be still heard in the pseudo-ballads (‘Nothing but My Wish’,‘Stand By Your Side’), there are some noisier and heavy bits that can show a maturation in the whole sound of the band (‘Another Way’).

Nothing too experimental or elitist, just some good music played by people who love what they do.

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