Gig Report: Hardcore Superstar @ Vidia Club (Cesena)

Okay, there is something that we have to face. Being fangirls in the most embarrassing and nonsense way is usually one of those teenage phases we’d like not to be reminded of. However, whenever we happen to be in one of those situations again, we cannot do anything but being completely thrilled. No more inhibitions, we only focus on the object of our intense desire, usually losing what’s left of our pride.
This is basically what happened to me on 2nd March when I saw Hardcore Superstar for the third time. I ventured again into a quite surreal but exciting adventure, forgetting just for one night that musicians are often some nice mates who offer you beer. Hardcore Superstar are Swedish gods, who brought their punky metal and sleaze rock to Italy in the late 90s. Jocke (vocalist) said Italy is their second home, and that makes quite a bit of sense seeing how many people took every form of transport to be at Vidia club last Friday. 




Unluckily enough I just missed out on front row, so we squeezed a bit getting the second row during the three opening acts. Snakebite is an Italian metal band who decided to introduce itself with the cover of “Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting”, probably the best song of the lot. Noise Pollution warmed up the atmosphere with some more dense and disturbed glam metal, almost industrial in some Marilyn Manson-esque interludes (my favourite instrument were the drums, beating and crashing the whole time). Nice stage performance, but not spicy enough to worthily prepare the audience for Hardcore Superstar. Luckily enough, another Swedish band is going to give the situation a twist: Sister is punk metal, therefore almost my cup of tea, and its energy is quite outstanding. The singer jumping and screaming around with tons of make-up on, long black hair and some blood on the chest by the end of his show. Blending in glam and punk, this four-piece seems to have followed the trend launched by HS and lately taken by groups such as Crashdiet.

After a couple of nods and some hands clapping, my fangirl side explodes on the surface when the intro music of Van Halen’s ‘Dance the Night Away’ leads into the old single ‘Liberation’. Jocke enters jumping and dancing, and you forget that they’ve been on for so long to be almost old in such a ‘young’ scene. Focusing mainly on the tracks of ‘Split Your Lip’, the band also performs some old classics such as an outstanding wall of sound for ‘Beg for It’ and ‘Wildboys’, or my personal favourite ‘We Don’t Celebrate Sunday’. Vic Zino and his guitar leave me always speechless, distorted and powerful, its sound blends in perfectly with Martin and his bass, being the key of songs such as ‘Sadistic Girls’. Adde (drums) is clearly the protagonist in ‘Moonshine’, even if his drums are always in the background beating endlessly. Jocke himself shouts, screams, entertains the audience and uses all of his voice to sing the touchy ballad ‘Hope for a Normal Life’. Another mention goes to ‘Last Call for Alcohol’, in which Jocke keeps alive the tradition calling on stage people singing with the band in a pure musical orgy.
Apart from some technical sound problems the show itself proved to me that there are gigs that are performed to be listened, enjoyed and discovered, some other are done to be lived, sweated, felt on your skin (thirty-year-old guy stage diving on me, quite fun). These ones are the best one, the ones worth telling your grandsons and granddaughters.



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