Richard Parker – Mechanisms EP

Richard Parker

Mechanisms EP



You’ll like it if

– Instrumental rock is the best way to kiss you goodnight in the evening

– You think words in music can be overrated

Richard Parker is an Egyptologist, a baseball player, a sailor, a tiger (from the novel Life of Pi) and the father of Peter Parker, aka Spiderman. From now on, Richard Parker is also an instrumental four-piece based in Leeds, who provide a quite interesting interpretation of proggy post-rock, with a pinch of soft rock.

Given they have toured with bands such as Maybeshewill, Talons and The James Clever Quintet, a post-rock connoisseur will for sure gain an insight into Richard Parker’s sound, in which dreamy gets along with distorted, as if they were made to be together. ‘Mechanisms’ is just a nibble of the debut album, which was produced by Matt Johnson at Suburban Home Studios (Eagulls, Spectrals, Hookworms) and should be released around Autumn. Soft rock vibes and post-rock keep alternating in an exchange of instrumental focus, in which dreamy basis are enriched by the constant beating of drums and a quite Maybeshewill-like guitar, not forgetting the bass guitar though, protagonist of some interludes (‘Mechanisms’). The ambient tunes are created with a pure touch, creating immaculate musical landscapes à la *shels, sometimes a bit repetitive, but luckily enough able to wake up with some unexpected distortions, creating an evolution of the wall of sound (‘Second Hand’). My personal favourite is the electric Sigur Ros-esque track ‘Tempus’, in which drums beat in the background, leaving the foreground for high pitch guitar, in an elevation that seem to go higher and higher.

Having a personal appreciation for instrumental acts, I highly advice you guys to keep an eye on this band. This may not be the sound that will revolutionize instrumental rock, but it still provides a quite fascinating soundtrack for those days, in which words are nothing but superfluous.


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