Formanta! – Everything Seems so Perfect from Far Away


Everything Seems so Perfect from Far Away


[get it here]


You’ll like it if:

– You need to celebrate Spring arrival

– Pop and rock still blend in quite well in your mind

What happens if we blend in R.E.M., the Smiths and Wilco? Add female vocals and you’ll have Formanta!’s debut album. ‘Everything Seems so Perfect from Far Away’ is the same violent pop Lava Lava Love offered in its ‘A Bunch of Love Songs and Zombies’, just more jazz-driven, with piano tunes balancing the distorted guitar and creating a jangle-pop atmosphere. It is interesting how the band reiterates its tendency to swing between genres and influences, creating a varied full length, in which the main tread is a sunshine-twee approach.

Thanks to its catchiness, ‘Everything Seems so Perfect from Far Away’ hardly makes the listener grumble and easily flows one track after the other. There is Belle and Sebastian with electric guitar and heavy feedback (‘Austronaut’), and Robert Smith in a taste of new wave, enriched with back vocals and distorted guitars (‘We’re Swimming’). The happy-go-lucky pop rock with some interesting guitar solos (‘Sleeping Pills’, ‘You’ll Like it’) if often substituted by a lounge atmosphere clearly audible in ‘Something Left’, whilst reverb and definite bass guitar are the main ingredient in the new-wave-esque ‘After the Day’ and ‘We’re Swimming’. The peak is reached with one of the lullabies of the album, ‘Little Girl’, in which the intimate  sound almost references to Stipe in its way of being so direct, clear in the production and accurate in composition, so that pop almost reaches the lyrical approach of folk (Alessi’s Ark).

With its light-hearted attitude, ‘Everything Seems so Perfect from Far Away’ is an album that swings from pop and rock, effervescent and unpretentious it just expresses a quite easy-going attitude, creating catchy music suitable for almost any occasion.


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