Happy Birthday WtMiO

Dear readers,

here I am back again to spend a couple of words. I swear I’ll be quick, even if everybody knows this is quite unlikely. When the Music is Over is just a blog run by a girl, a random student, who writes a lot about music for some amazing websites and webzines.
I tried to make it a real big blog, something collective somehow, but I eventually gave it up and decided to leave it as my own creature. And so it was. And so it is. I love it really, and I love being able to take my time with it, without feeling anyhow forced or stressed. I love introducing you some of the bands/releases I discovered and loved, or just liked.
It is a way to spread the good Italian music I know, and to discover some international acts you were so unlucky not to know before. I do not care about stats, I do not care about free shit (can I say shit? Oh well, WordPress would not mind), I just care about music. And the bands I was so lucky to get in touch with. One year is gone, WtMiO grew quite fast, as a special, special baby. I do not know where it will be on 24th March 2013, and I do not care about it that much to be fair. Seize the day, enjoy the music, spread the love (and rock) and thank you.

First of all, thank to the most amazing boyfriend on earth, who keeps proofreading and suggesting me how to work on the blog (MostlyMetal), to the people who contributed and to the readers, who spend some time to scroll the page and see what’s going on. Last, but not least, I’d like to thank all the bands who supported me, who invited me to meet them, who sent me promos and believed in this small project as much as I do. Therefore, I wrote a quick list of names. It is not all of them, I need to apologise, it is just a few I know, but I think to owe you this one.

Thank you so much guys, you really make my day.

Fab / Electra / Fabiana

Thank you to
Sophie Lillienne – http://www.vezzoxy.com/
LunariaN – http://www.reverbnation.com/lunarian
Amycanbe – http://www.amycanbe.it/
Among Brothers – http://www.amongbrothers.co.uk/
DUST – https://www.facebook.com/dustmilano
Valerian Swing – https://www.facebook.com/valerianswingmusic
Nitroville – http://www.nitroville.com/
Lava Lava Love – http://lavalavalove.bandcamp.com/
Green Like July – http://www.greenlikejuly.com/
A Genuine Freakshow – http://www.agenuinefreakshow.com/showscreen.php?site_id=182&screentype=site&screenid=182
Chutes – http://chutesband.bandcamp.com/
Anzeria – https://www.facebook.com/AnzeriA
Killington Fall – http://killingtonfall.bandcamp.com/
The Sinatra’s – http://www.thesinatrasband.com/
Aedi – https://www.facebook.com/aedimusic
Songs for the Sleepwalkers – http://www.songsforthesleepwalkers.com/
Pocket Chestnut – http://www.myspace.com/pocketchestnut


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