Gig Report: Porcelain Raft @ Mattatoio (Carpi)

I don’t dislike synth-pop, but I only enjoy it in small doses. Maybe this is due to the heavy electronic part of it, maybe it is my blues/folk-ish background that prevails. However, the synth act that performed last Friday at Mattatoio deserves all of your attention. Porcelain Raft expresses what happens when synth goes becomes heavily disturbed, highly dreams-inspired and noisy. 

After having conducted an interview with the webzine Youthless, the first act Magaphonic Thrift went on stage. The band proposed a female/male vocal alternation in noise-garage tunes that we have already seen in different bands (Cats Eyes, Band of Skulls). The wall of sound was a constant in most of the song, producing a quite interesting performance, even if not as astonishing as I’d hoped for. Porcelain Raft was the act I was quite intrigued by, especially after the interview, in which this Mauro Remiddi (originally from London and now in NY) explained the genesis of his music and his way of perceiving it, creating such a complex connection between images and music, electronic vibes and vocals. There are some Mirrors mixed with Holy Ghost! and MGMT, going from some more dreamy synth-driven tracks to really Cut/Copy-esque songs (‘Put me to Sleep’).

The interesting relationship between instruments, vocals and electronic devices was even more emphasized with the guest-starring of Micheal Wallace on drums, who used also some typical instrument he got on holiday in the Desert to create an ordered noise, with some outstanding drums patterns. Maybe it’s because I cannot digest too much of the genre, but I can recognise some synth-music that’s worth checking out, and Porcelain Raft is definitely one of these artists.


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