Sterbus – Iranian Doom


Iranian Doom




You’ll like it if:

– heterogeneity does not scare you at all

– you really miss the psychedelic approach from the 60s

What would have happened if Frank Zappa had still been here, playing music today with synths, samples, loops and such diversity? Probably he’d appreciate Sterbus‘ “Iranian” a lot, an interesting mix of rock, surf, noise and psychedelia. Sterbus has the same attitude of fellow group Captain Love, whose irony mixes with a Bowie and Beatles-esque pop approach. Sterbus is adding some rock and samples to the recipe, creating quite a destabilizing full length.

The instrumental introduction of ‘Any Minute now’ is a quite electronic appetizer, showing his virtuosity on the guitar and how the distorted vibe will infect both surf-esque songs (Sloop Jai B (feat. Brian Wilson)) and stoner tracks, in which Them Crooked Vultures mix with Queens of the Stone Age focusing mainly on the instrumental side (‘Trapped in the GRA’, ‘Big Daisy’). Samples are also an interesting device, blending in TV jingles, videogames tunes and recorded laughs, with quite an interesting result (‘Crash City’, ‘Cheap-com’). As I already mentioned, Frank Zappa and surf rock are still part of the structure, as the Wavves-like ‘Miles Monroe’ can prove. The noise approach of Mazes is also empowering the distorted accent of the guitar (‘From Head to Twelve’), whilst by the end of the album we are surprised by a song heavily influenced by oriental bits (‘Iranian Doom’), two almost ballads filled with reverbs (‘Too Many Mistakes’, ‘Parallelepiped Song) and a really minimal acoustic track (‘Their Own, not Each Other’).

All in all, ‘Iranian Doom’ is one of those albums that blends in so many genres and influences that cannot be easy incapsulated, and this may be the reason why you would love it, at least for its half-hour. Being so multifarious, there will be at least one track you won’t like (the short interlude of ‘Cheap-com’ was a bit too much nonsense-sample-mix for me), but I am pretty sure there will be at least 3 or 4 to make up for it. On the plus side, you can easily get it from and judge it for yourselves.


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