Single Review: Modern Faces

Modern Faces 

Double A Side

Pravda Scrolls

Cynical Brother


You’ll like it if:

– You are a nostalgic rocker from the 90s

– Do we really need a Guitarpsichord and a Violimba to make good music?

Today I am addressing you, people from my generation. I’m addressing the lovers of the Brit-rock from the 90s and its brother Brit-pop to introduce you to a quite interesting Scottish indie rock band, Modern Faces. This is one of those groups that decide to go for an unpretentious approach, focusing on old school sound which uses a familiar formula instead of going for the experimental path. However, this formula works quite well in the first nibble the band is offering us. The double A side ‘Pravda Scrolls’ / ‘Cynical Brother’ are both catchy songs that probably Kasabian or Wolfmother could propose as radio hits, thanks to the right electric tunes given by the guitar mixes with some low-profile electronic basis and upbeat drums.

‘Pravda Scrolls’ itself represents this perfect equilibrium between electronic and electric, in order to emphasize the guitar lines with the synth and make them even more distorted, without losing their catchiness. The Verve meet the better end of Oasis with some clean vocals, that almost become quite nostalgic in the more contemplative ‘Cynical Brother’. Starsailor’s choruses and Nickelback’s soft rock melodies avoid any significant shift, creating an ordinary track, whose main merit/flaw is not to dare something more elaborate. Being surrounded by bands showing off their experimentalism in the quest of the brand-new-sound, I am one of those who really enjoys to have, every once in a while, a bunch of catchy tracks that can easily lead me to ‘Memory Lane’. The double A side is out today and you can find it on their website, so why not have a go then?


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