Damn Vandals: Beautiful Mind EP

Damn Vandals

Beautiful Mind EP



You’ll like it if:

– you are pretty satisfied withthe revival of post-punk

– you have missed this guys before (shame on you)

It’s been a while since I first met Damn Vandals, almost a year ago, when the blog took its first steps towards becoming what it is now. ‘Beautiful Mind’ is the first EP of this English band, after the début single ‘Bayonet’ became more and more famous in the underground circle of London and its suburbs.

Damn Vandals never loses its core, still winking at post-punk and garage (respectively Echo and the Bunnymen and Nick Cave), but adding some reverbs a là Depeche Mode, also thanks to the deep voice of frontman Jack, creating a darker atmosphere, that almost leads to Smith-esque territories (‘Beautiful Mind’). The Brit-rock from the post-mod era meets the garage blues of the 2010s, in a hypothetical split of Black Keys and Pulp, alternating distortions and bass guitar, guitar solos stolen from George Thorogood and dark atmospheres that probably Robert Smith could have crafted in his mind (‘Union Jack’). The distorted side can be spotted in the beginning of ‘Pulling a Knife’, in which Pulp and Pearl Jam seem to coexist (peacefully?), creating a catchy track that alternates melancholy and bursts of energetic garage rock, almost creating a “bipolar” sound, fascinating in its unexpected coherence (‘Trouble with Jesus’).

‘Beautiful Mind’ intrigues the listener with a series of influences that can be spotted by one’s own preferences, in a mix-and-match that creates a sweet-and-sour result that will be appreciated by both the garage and post-punk lovers.


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