Gig Report: Bologna Violenta @ Calamita

And once again, here I am waffling (is this REALLY a verb in English? I am easily amused) about a gig. If this artist were a movie, it’d be a detective story from the 70s, a literary manifesto, then a futurist one. Bologna Violenta is avantgarde grindcore, and the alter-ego of a man almost in his 30s, really nice and chatty, called Nicola Manzan.

Bologna Violenta is simply noise that comes out of music, or maybe music that comes out of noise, I have no idea which yet. There is no voice, unless you count the samples (either films or musical rarities) and some collaborations, like with J. Randall (Agoraphobic Nosebleed) in “You’re Enough”.

What makes this Italian multi-instrumentalist so fascinating is his extreme approach to music that goes from classical music to grind, to film samples or techno tunes in which he adds loud noise when you’d not expect it, representing his own vision of the world that surrounds him. Even if a record can represent the violence of his approach, nothing better than a live performance could ravish an unarmed listener. Bologna Violenta is just one man on stage, raping documentary commentaries, speeches, monastic choirs and unpretentious dance hall, representing, as he said to me in the interview, “the sound of the few seconds before my own death”.


As a river flowing nonstop, the guitar scratches while he mocks contemporary reality with sarcastic fairytales, almost vomiting the sound in a transcendent performance. Rapidly one track followed another in what can just be partially summarised as the most mad industrial/hardcore/grindcore and classical experience. Even if this is not music that wants to shock or scare, this is music that wants to represent the unrepresentable, the distress and the fears that are in each of us. Melody and noise, anger and transfiguration in something extremely mad. And loud. In case you were wondering, my ears are still ringing after a day and an half. Bervismo per più. You can get the first full-lengths at this link: Bologna Violenta / Il nuovissimo Mondo or the last release “Utopie e Piccole Soddisfazioni here: CLICK


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