Following Friday: Outside the Fence EP

Following Friday

Outside the Fence 




You’ll like it if:

– You still believe that pop-punk is not dead

– You were a hardcore listener of “All The Small Things” by blink-182

Power-pop or punk rock was part of most of the 90s youth, me included. It was catchy, but not soppy, distorted but not noisy creating the perfect bridge in the gap of rock and pop, adding a bit of pogoing and skaters. I feel a bit old today, approaching a genre that I haven’t touched for such a long time – I write this staring at my guilty pleasure:  Used “In Love and Death”. It was emocore, but it still had a lot of punk rock in it.

Today I am going to introduce you to the Following Friday EP “Outside the Fence” that has to be evaluated with a philological point of view, given that Following Friday give us the best reproduction of the power-pop of Yellowcard and Blink182 that I have ever listened to in a while. These tracks are a time machine that gets back the electric poppy sound of the Californian pop rock, adding some solos and distortions, recreating the Yellowcard sound (“First Shot is the Hardest”, Future Lower Back Problems”) with a pinch of quite Used-esque anger (“Dear Charlie You Ruined my Life”, “Girls Like That”). Guitar tunes and vocals are the main core of the songs, swinging between electric and melodic without having real twists worth mentioning (“A Dive into the Ocean”). The songs flow naturally, without any positive nor negative overflow, lacking of a real secret ingredient that can make them more than a “revival of the 90s”. However, these tracks can be smoothly digested unpretentiously, without sounding boring or redundant.

The band said that this EP is about a journey; I believe that “Outside the Fence” can be seen as a journey towards a more personal sound, that can celebrate the pomp of punk rock with its own unique taste. Surprise me guys.


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