Gig Report: My Speaking Shoes

Yesterday I went to another gig (I realise that if I start everytime with such an introduction I’ll end up becoming slightly annoying). The band I saw was “one of those bands” – and here let’s see if any of you has the answer already. One of those bands that…sounds better live than in the studio. I may say that this is mostly due to the genre itself… Punk rock/pop rock can lose lot of its energy when incapsulated in a iTunes catalogue or a Dolby Surround Sound, and by making the production clear losing the power of the instruments themselves. This is what basically happened to “Holy Stuff” by My Speaking Shoes, whose performance live truly fulfilled my expectations. I liked the EP itself, even if there was some anger missing, some distress that groups like Guano Apes and No Doubt could clearly express. The hints of noise and grungy rock that I could just get whilst reviewing it, was developed onstage by the instruments almost seeming to fight with the voice to prevail. Even if they have the same hair color, Hayley Williams (Paramore) and Camilla have a different approach to the singing: the latter is almost throwing them out as the most punkish Gwen Stefani would have done ten years ago, like in the almost-screamed tracks “Mushroomhead” and “Bubbles”, that have a far better reception live than on the album.
“Holy Stuff” is a catchy EP worth your attention, that will lead to even more interest after you have the possibility to see this really young four-piece playing somewhere in Italy (or maybe invite them to your country). For now, enjoy the free EP on Bandcamp and see if you’ll also feel as I do.


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