Second H. Sam – EP

Second H. Sam




You’ll like it if:

– Dark and gloomy atmospheres fascinate you

– You believe that blues can be less radio-friendly than Lonely Boy

Minimal lo-fi nu-blues now seems to be the answer to a really skinny-indie glazed pop way of living. It is an oxymoron that works perfectly in a music scene in which there is research for something out-of-the-crowd.

Second H. Sam is exactly this, a less dramatic and gloomy King Dude, but still quite keen on reverb, blues hints and some of the most evocative aspects of Johnny Cash and Nick Cave. “Second H Sam” is an EP that plays with the “traditional” outsiders (Syd Barrett, Dan Sartain, Hank Williams) jumping from the blues (“Cheri Cheri Maria”), to some Mississippi folk with tape-echoes and acoustic guitar (“Mama Was Right”). These hypnotic intimate singsongs recreate a link between the lost tradition of Muddy Waters and J. Lee Hooker and a more contemporary lo-fi a là Spaceman 3, almost reaching the dark folk of Of The Wand & the Moon, in some magic rituals and shamanic spells carried out with an instrumental approach (“Prieto Spring”). Gloominess comes back in the acid blues of “Sick about You and I”, in which the Vernon Selavy-esque female backing vocals prove that nu-blues is back also in the Italian boot (as Movie Star Junkies and Sadside Projects can reiterate).

This reminiscence of a past long forgotten is happily welcomed by me as a lover of the traditional way of blues, less poppy and “radio friendly” like Black Keys, trying to bring some fresh air to one of the most iconic genres, without losing its dark and raw core.


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