….Turn Out the Light?

Dear readers,

here I am back again with one of my insanely long updates about the blog and its destiny. From today on WtMiO is going to slow down a bit until the 30th May. One month, exactly 30 days in which I need to focus on my degree (yes, there is a light at the end of this tunnel), but I am still required for the other collaborations, in which being a subordinate gives me slightly less freedom.

However, I have already enough material to cover this month with one feature or two per week (also changing a bit of the reviews layout, but it’s another matter).

Do not worry, I won’t leave my baby, it is more a hiatus in which I’ll stop writing to focus on finishing my exams, so any of your thoughts that goes to the poor me, stuck home studying and translating is more than welcome.

For emails and requests, I’ll still check them and cream them off, but I am pretty sure that most of you will understand my situation and be patient enough.

Take care guys, and remember
rock on and peace out!



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