Pocket Chestnut – Outness EP

Pocket Chestnut



You’ll like it if…

…American folkwriting is your cup of tea


They call it domestic folk. Well, Pocket Chestnut are back with another intimate tête-à-tête that blends in country and folk, going from the classics (such as Neil Young and Hank Williams), to the evergreen Bob Dylan and newer minstrels such as William Wilson.

“Outness” is the new EP of this Italian group (I introduced them to you HERE), in which the formula remains the same, even if the sound seems more mature, a bit more evocative and dreamy, especially with the strings and piano accompanying the acoustic guitar and beating drums (“Reason to Go”). There are two traditions at a meeting point, so that the USA folkwriting of James Taylor meets up with the new “cantautorato italiano”, more introspective and minimal songwriting (“First Day of Summer”), still adding some rhythm and guitar solos (“Dreamy USA”). Black Crowes and Chad VanGaalen-like atmospheres are reinterpreted with a lo-fi approach, in which also the vocals express themselves at their best in the outstanding “Such a Life”, a mix between two of the biggest American modern songwriters, Don McLean and James Taylor.

If you wish to get back to the American Wasteland, all you need to do is to go on the bandcamp and get “Outness”.


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