Lust for Youth + War – The Glass House Etiquette

Lust for Youth + War

The Glass House Etiquette


You’ll like it if…

…you are searching a the perfect dark ambient sci-fi soundtrack

_______________ Being a film buff, I’ve always had a passion for soundtracks. Moreover, I have an inclination to everything concerning horror, sci-fi and fantastic cinema, in the most decadent and post-war acceptance. Therefore industrial as a sub-genre has always been for me the most evocative music when it comes to desolation, cold post-urban atmospheres and robotic settings. If NIN may be more appropriated for a gore-splatter-psycho horror (hey, Reznor has already done a pretty outstanding job with “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”), this LP Split I happened to listen to reminded me of “Fifth Element”, “Blade Runner” and “Brave New World” all together.

“The Glass House Etiquette” is the encounter of two bands that can be labelled “post”. In the first place there is War, a duo formed by Elias Bender Rønnenfelt and Loke Rahbek. Its “Somme, Maggio”, condenses the minimal approach of Roll the Dice and the post-hardcore of Hey Colossus. This track does its magic in just three minutes: a tense atmosphere helps creating this sci-fi imaginary, in which techno tunes are almost compared to machines. The same dark ambient music is recreated by the lo-fi synthpop duo Lust for Youth, which with “Denial, Veronica” introduces a slightly more poppy approach.

There seems to be a main thread connecting these tracks, in which vocals are just spirits of a humanity lost in a post-industrial world, whose magic ritual dances are made of heavy beats and synthesizers. Just ten minutes to get lost in a fascinating world, which does not seem that far from ours.


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