Videodreams – Wet Pain EP


Wet Pain EP 



You’ll like it if:

– Dream pop is perfect for summer

– You like free shit Back again with some pop flavored with an electro-vibe along with strings and reverb. What a better month than May to celebrate the late spring and its sun – synth-infused tunes that clearly echo early Vampire Weekend, I Used to Be Sparrow and friends. Videodreams offers three catchy tracks with the debut EP “Wet Pain”.

Reverbs and echoes nod to the dreamy (but less noisy) atmospheres of Naked and Famous and Pains of Being Pure at Heart, simply focusing on melodic songs that almost reach the intimate and acoustic side of folk, especially when strings come in (“Quick Sandness”). However, minimalism can also be a form of enrichment, especially when it provides tracks that do not rely on soppy themes and techno tunes, but in which instruments follow melodic vocals (“Wet Pain”). This new form of Britpop (even if we are talking about an Italian band) is largely becoming the new trend of the underground indie circles, in which harmony and melody are the main ingredients for the summer soundtrack of the ones who are not keen on going to clubs and discos: try and have a go with “Give your Heart Time to Slow Down”, maybe in one of those days in which you decide to spend some time outside enjoy the sun, you won’t be disappointed.

I don’t know about you, but I have already downloaded this EP and I am going to include it in my own summer soundtrack.


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