Strange Hands – Dead Flowers

Strange Hands

Dead Flowers


You’ll like it if…

…you have a bit of nostalgia from psychedelic acid sessions


Wait a minute, are the 60s coming back from a magician’s hat? So it seems with Strange Hands, a psychedelic garage trio from Bordeaux, France, that just released the debut “Dead Flowers”, in which a really evocative artwork reminds us of the psychedelic atmosphere of San Francisco acid rock a là Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane.

These twelve songs are in the tradition of still getting the low-fi contemporary garage punk a là Wavves, especially when it comes to vocals, but making it catchier and sometimes poppier (“First Poem”, ). The sunny vibe of a Beach Boys-like surf pop is distorted with the immediacy of punk and neurotic guitars (“Bunny Slipper”, “She is Mine”). Strange Hands create bonfire songs that still maintain an acidic core, in spite of lots of backing vocals – some of them quite Sex Pistol-esques (“Smell”) – and heavy guitars (“Anxious Pictures”). There is also a gypsy-rock side, that almost rings of the early Doors in the keyboards (“Summertime”), interweaving with Jefferson Airplane’s melodies and the spirit of an era that just does not exist anymore. Vocals themselves are sometimes absent (“Dead Flowers”), sometimes shouted (“Trapper and Dodger”) or overwhelmed by the instruments (“Love Illusion”), giving even more the punk-immediacy that tries to separate the sound from a canonic acid rock, and make it almost a prog-fusion of garage and psychedelia that hints at The Beatles’ “Magical Mystery Tour” (“Love Illusion”).

Even if it lasts no more than one hour, this psychedelic journey is definitely worth starting.


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