There Will Be Blood – Wherever you Go

There Will Be Blood

Wherever You Go 


You’ll like it if…

…you are a blues addicted even just an half as I am

_______________ Okay, it is probably nothing new to all of you that I love blues in all its forms and interpretations, therefore finding some garage blues was more than a pleasure for me and my ears. From prog-blues (yep, I just invented another sub-genre) to instrumental jamming, There Will be Blood (the Italian trio) play with heavy and lo-fi noises, raw blues and distortions in the album “Wherever you go”.

The accidental (or not) Jack White reference is audible from the first riff, but the vocals add power to the loud and heavy instrumental basis (“White Walls”). Imagine a less radio-friendly Black Keys punching your face with the swinging charisma of Howlin’ Wolf or Muddy Waters, but still following its own path, as new Italian acts like Seaside Project and Movie Star Junkies are doing. There Will be Blood pulls the trigger with some garage noise rock, with beating drums and heavy guitars, almost stoner in some solos (“The Blood”). There is the energy of the Chicago blues (“Stomp or Fall”, “Black Rain”) but there is also a quite Hives-esque garage, with fragmented and distorted instrumental tunes (“The Faith”). Even if instruments sometimes wink at hard rock, with particular attention to distortions and solos (“River Flowing”), it’s the subtle blues core which creates such a fascinating pattern.

In its muddy and turbid circle, “Wherever you go” is one of those lost gems of 2011. Treat your ears, listen to this album.


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