Taste the Music: Louise Quinn, Dead Sons

Today I am going to introduce you to two different singles by two different bands for the  section”Taste the music“. These are what I like to refer to as “business cards”, with which we can start creaming off the hundreds of new bands that bloom every other day.

The first single is called “Oh Jackie” and it is by the Glaswegian songwriter Louise Quinn (A Band Called Quinn). This song sets the stage for the EP that will be released on June 22nd at The Old Hairdressers, Renfield Lane, Glasgow. “Oh Jackie” is one of those snip-snaps in which the alternation of female and male vocals creates the real magic. Think Belle & Sebastian, Mark Lanegan & Isobell Campbell for example. Louise sings with the French DJ & producer Kid Loco in a more folk-oriented version of art pop, focusing mainly on vocals within an acoustic setting.

Hopping from folk-pop to nu-Brit Rock, the second single is by this English band called Dead Sons. “Room 54” is their new single, out on June 4th: take everything that sounds vaguely Arctic Monkeys-esque (this may be due to the quite evocative vocals), add some Editors-like bass lines, which create the perfect background, and put some distorted and fragmented guitars in foreground. New generation Brit Rock such as Tribes can be mentioned, even if the electric-distorted tunes make it a bit darker and more intriguing.

Whether you prefer folk or rock, today I introduced you to some quite interesting bands which will for sure tickle your fancy. Stay tuned for more.


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