The Planes – Little Yellow Letters EP

The Planes

Little Yellow Letters EP



You’ll like it if…

…you would like to know how Sex Pistols would have coupled with Joy Division.Summer, in whichever form it may manifest itself, has always meant the sound of psychedelic surf rock to my ears, a mix between Beach Boys’ ballads and Mazes’ surf pop. Fresh, slightly out of tune and with just a pinch of romanticism. With their EP, The Planes seems to offer the perfect mix, however it relies a bit too much on the off-key Wavves-esque sound, but still not quite to that level.

There is the electric vibe, which with the distorted guitar echoes the early Strokes (“A Life”). Surf punk couples with the psychedelic side moving along in reminiscence of the 60s (like Strange Hands are doing nowadays), but still keeping the punk approach in its urgency and immediacy; quite like Sex Pistols 2.0. (“Holy Bones”, “Get in the Riot”). What is really surprising is the arrival of some post-punk reverb, that first seems to interact with the surfish tunes (“Bushwick’s on Fire”) and later on gets too focused on minimal ballads with a minimal electric guitar and tons of reverb lead by vocals that do not really fit with the genre, out-of-place and therefore ruining the atmosphere the tracks are attempting to create (“Make it Worse”).

Even if the EP starts with the right foot, the fall is inevitable. Mixing punk and post-punk may be an interesting challenge, but if you play the first one well, it is quite difficult to be quite as effective in the second.




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