Costello’s Molotov Compilation

Costello’s Molotov Compilation





I’ve never been a real “fan” of compilations, probably just because I am quite attached to albums and the “concept” behind them, or “the concept album” itself. Anyway, this time I’m afraid I have to make an exception for a quite interesting melting pot of genres and artists. I am going to introduce you to Costello’s Molotov compilation, an interesting set of 16 songs in which we merge the best of Costello and Molotov Booking.

The listener jumps from folk rock (Motel 20099) to some Italian indie rock, enhanced with sharp instruments, catchy tunes and rough vocals (MasCara). There is also space for the lo-fi lovers, with languishing vocals, reverb and disturb (Abiku). You can also find some old friends, such as my beloved Dust and the powerful “O My Mind” or the melodic yet energetic “Summer of 89” by Verily So, in which the female/male vocals recreate quite a fascinating clash of styles – not to mention Pocket Chestnut, that all of you should know and have on iTunes. Here we come back to the 60s with Girless and Orphan, an acoustic approach and happy-go-lucky Belle and Sebastian-esque sunshine pop, just in time to jump back to Britpop (it still reminds me of the brothers Gallagher somehow) with strong guitars, reverbs and the predilection for lo-fi (The Churchill Outfit).

Quite a multifarious tracklist, it’s one you can taste, enjoy and love at the link above. Not all of it may be your cup of tea, but take it as a good way of getting to know some of the best Italian underground music and cream off what is more likely to be your cup of tea.

1. Dust – “O My Mind”
2. Farmer Sea – “To The Sun”
3. Pocket Chestnut – “Reason To Go”
4. Girless & The Orphan – “(Pro) Creating Your Career”
5. Hola La Poyana! – “Vicious Dog”
6. Verily So – “Summer 89”
7. Abiku – “Canzone Stilnovista”
8. Il Re Tarantola ed Emma Filtrino – “Il Nostro Amore Sa di Tabacco”
9. MasCara – “Andromeda”
0. Ovlov – “Up & Down”
11. Motel 20099 – “FedericoAldrovandi”
12. North – “Around The Pier”
13. The Churchill Outfit – “Faceless”
14. STRi – “Ranma”
15. Dropeners – “Ignite The Sun”
16. Drama Emperor – “Teknicolor”


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