Atom Eye – Trilogy EP

Atom Eye

Trilogy EP


You’ll like it if…

…you are a filmgoer.

Just like fashion, music also has its trendsetters. It is not always that obvious, nor blunt, but it still happens that you can start feeling which is going to be the new “trend”. Which, in music, is essential picking up a “genre” and reworking it: techno and electro became dubstep, Delta and Chicago blues became garage blues rock. As a result, also ambient colours in using bright new shades, adding industrial and samples, electro and dark tunes.

Atom Eye reminds me of this new trend (Emotu, Lucifer Big Band and War can be considered other valid options). In “Trilogy”, divided into three acts, background music seems the lead line, enhancing it with Twin Peaks-like atmosphere and reverb, in a gloomy and yet mysterious shade in the first part. Part two follows the path of the tribal and ancient spells, with percussions blended in with electro tunes, that almost seem to echo the tribal bit recalling the post-modern setting of Apocalypse Now. The third part is looser, longer than the others but less forceful, shading in echoes and reverbs and ending up being too long for its outline.

However, in its avant-garde approach “Trilogy” has the power of any self-respecting soundtrack and can create its own film by itself. A film that may be worth paying the ticket for.


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