Taste the Music: Isaac’s Aircraft, The Murder Barn


Isaac’s Aircraft – Chew the Fat

The Murder Barn – Harvest/America 

Isaac’s Aircraft’s “Chew The Fat” relies on quite impressive vocals and strong background music, developed thanks to acoustic guitars and improvised percussions. In its minimalism and genuine approach the song avoids the “soppy and cheesy” lands and becomes a rather enjoyable campfire track. One of those you could use to impress that really nice chick over there, in front of you.

In order to give something also to the ones who are less into the acoustic soft rock there is another quite interesting release, the double single of the London six-piece The Murder Barn. Not quite as energetic, its approach is more in line with PJ Harvey, with the interweaving of different instruments and lyrical vocals that almost remind me of Jeff Buckley. Strings and keys collaborate in “America”, a really powerful song that is followed by the female vocals of “The Murder Barn”, more Karen Elson-esque. The sensuality of the voice contrasts with electric guitar lines, creating such a powerful contrast that almost winks at the early Tori Amos. Highly recommended and also highly appreciated for sure.


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