Starcontrol – The Ages of Dreams


The Ages of Dreams 



You’ll like it if…

…you  are one of the appreciators of the new wave of…new wave

I do apologize in advance, but in this review you are going to read a lot of “new wave”, “post-punk” and “80s”. Again. Being one of the big trends coming back from three decades ago, we still have to deal with lots of reverb, 80s infused guitar riffs and gloomy atmosphere. However, given the amount of bands that are turning Curtis-esque, it’s nice to still find some bands that can actually stand out and make something less predictable and yet extremely catchy.

Starcontrol is an Italian band that are not afraid of labeling themselves as new-wave influenced, and the second EP “The Ages Of Dreams” kind of reinforces the statement. Reverb in instruments and vocals? Checked. Gloomy and melancholic atmosphere with a pinch of electronic vibe? Checked. The band seems to play with the darkest side of Depeche Mode and The Cure, without actually losing its own original touch, and getting from some art rock a là Editors to Wombats-esque electric tunes (“Question Mark”), always surrounded by a clear-cut dark sound (“A Dream”, “Forever Unknown”). The intricate alternation of voices (or echoes) and the hypnotic flow of instruments (especially the drums, as “Question Mark” proves) make Starcontrol a really interesting band out of the dozens of releases that are coming out in this new spring of the 80s.

As long as this revival is still on around the net, why not go with the flow and have a listen to this captivating infusion of dreamy landscapes and gloomy vibe painted in black. Deliciously romantic.


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