Taste the Music: SOS, Kartica

SOS – Carry on Suzie

Kartica – Don’t You Think So 

It’s been a while since I talked about punk, and this is a shame, because British (and Scottish) punk is still one of my favourite. Today I am going to introduce a quite interesting act to you, which are called SOS.

This Glaswegian group (formerly Strawberry Ocean Sea’s) decided to introduce the upcoming EP ‘A Challenge to the Dark’ with quite a nostalgic single called “Carry on Suzie”. Its minimal approach, alongside with neurotic guitars and sharp vocals, are a real jump into the atmosphere of the 70s, leaving most of the work to guitar tunes and pounding drums. Thanks to the marching-hints in the background, the vocals seem to enhance the combat rock influences even more, watering the mouths of all the Clash fans out there.

After catchy punk rock we get to a more melodic field, meeting the indie rock of Kartica. The single “Don’t You Think So” is nothing more than a melodic pseudo-ballad propelled by reverbs in the background and alternating winks to Glasvegas (less lo-fi and echoing), Oasis and Stone Roses, having already gained the interest of NME and friends. The Sheffield five-piece are just stepping out of their local area, blending in the latest indie trends and some old-fashioned Britpop.


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