Exclusive: Damn Vandals – Done for Desire

Damn Vandals

Done for Desire 


You’ll like it if…

…you trust the hype for ones

Today I am going to introduce you to a band that you should know already, at least if you have been around for enough time. Damn Vandals was one of my first interviews, one of my first English reviews, also more than one to be fair. Therefore, if not “connoisseur”, I can still refer to me as a prepared listener, and as a consequence I can trace quite a clear line on how they evolved in almost one year now.

Getting the debut “Done for Desire” was a pleasure given that in the EP out earlier this year that was already the germ of something tasty, even if still acerb. The Cave-esque atmosphere was already there, the rockabilly bass line and vocals a là Cohen are still part of the formula. However. However, “Done for Desire” seems to have gone a bit further, creating a more solid, avant-garde and evocative sound. The raw material of distortion, Strokes-like electric infusions and the psychobilly accidental vibe was already in tracks like “The Beautiful Mind”, even if in the full length the band gets a broader approach, with some stoner bits and nibbles (“As Seen on TV”), acidic and “pulp” bass guitar, that Tarantino would appreciate for sure (“This Amazing”) and still some subtle wink at the Elvis-the-Pelvis rock and roll, flammable just like Jerry Lee Lewis was (“The Revenge of Spider Toothy”). The garage-blues echoes (Movie star Junkies, Seaside Project, Black Keys) recreate a sensual atmosphere, perfect when it comes to slower tracks such as “Sex it Narcissus”.

The main reason why I love Damn Vandals is how they are reaching that level in which, no matter how much time you spend thinking, you cannot really incapsulate them in a proper genre. They are kids gone wild and that’s enough said.


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