Quick break till the 6th of July

There was a post, called “Quick break till the 6th of July”, that should have come up a week ago. WordPress wanted to be funny and decided not to, so here I am, telling you now that I am in an official quick hiatus due to my last exams at uni. And I may add that there will be another one around August, but I am not going to spoil the reason, because that one will be a more cheerful, exciting and thrilling one.

Therefore, after something like 9 hours of revision today, I may go out and enjoy the sunny (and stuffy – 35 degrees) Italian weather. I have so many albums to advice, share and talk about. And I am more excited than all of you are at the idea of coming back to them, and to you.

For all the readers, tons of love and rock on (also, please cross your fingers for me)

Fab – Electra


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