White Hex – Heat

I promised you that I’d be back, didn’t I? Here we are, with plenty of new tasty music to listen to, love and share!

White Hex




You’ll like it if…

…you want to know what “tropical goth” may sound like

If Bluesmen had to express the gloomy side of their lives using synth and reverbs, that’s probably how they’d sound. White Hex is an Austrian duo formed by Jimi Kritzler and Tara Green. Jimi’s guitar riffs and Tara’s vocals mix up creating a perfect blend of Spaghetti Western a là “Rome” (Danger Mouse & Luppi) and the dark folk of King Dude.

“Heat” is packed with six tracks, all swinging between reverbs and tense atmospheres, that seem to wink at some of the gloomiest post-punk of the 80s, still keeping the experimental attitude of colleagues such as Thus:Owl. Tara’s vocals are almost floating in the background, sounding like a broken voice a là Zola Jesus, adding a gloomy (maybe find a synonym, given used already) and mysterious ancestral touch to the songs (“Holiday”, “Ice cold”). The dark folk goes well with the gloomy (again, synonym) Mississipi blues (“Desperate Heat”, “Stranger Love”) also thanks to the lo-fi tunes accompanying Jimi’s bluesy guitar riff, all quite Bad Seeds-esque. The post-punk may be perceived in the cacophony and hypnotic sound, which thanks to echoes and reverbs adds some more tension (almost like Roll the Dice, to name a band who really know how to evoke musical tension).

Unconventional in its approach, this EP is quite an experimental encounter of the broken soul of blues, the darkest lands of folk and the tense touch of post-punk, adding some electronic subtle vibe. White Hex labels itself as “Tropical goth”, and I just got the reason behind it.


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