Taste the Music: I Like Trains, State Broadcasters

 State Broadcasters

I Like Trains – Mnemosyne

Today I’d like to start with the tropical infusion of synths that is I Like Trains’ track “Mnemosyne”. The subtle vibe, quite catchy and a bit techno retro (Soft Cell comes to mind, just to name one band) is overlapped by guitar reverbs, creating such a musical net that is neither too post-punk-ish nor too beat. It is like getting the best from Beat Connection and mixing it up with the latter nostalgic tunes of Drums, still getting something original thanks to the distinctive vocal timbre. “Mnemosyne” is taken from the album “The Shallows” that you can get HERE.

State Broadcasters – Trepassers

From beat to twee. Another really nice band I’d like to introduce you to is called State Broadcasters. This Glasgow-based band is part of the so-called (by me) naïve-pop sub-genre, usually known as twee pop. To me, naïve-pop is swinging between pop and folk, with a strong orchestral background (strings, piano and trumpets, if necessary) and, to complete the picture, alternating female-male vocals. Quite Belle and Sebastian-esque. Like Formanta!, Dead Sons, The Birthday Suit before them, State Broadcasters dig up this dreamy atmosphere in “Trepassers”, the first single of the upcoming second full length “Ghosts We Must Carry”, that will be released via Olive Grove on 17th September 2012.


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