Viewers Of – Ride Into the Sunset

Viewers Of

Ride Into the Sunset EP



You’ll like it if…

…twee and sunshine pop may be your Summer soundtrack

South California, the reign of sun, surf and amazing landscapes. It is not surprising that California-based bands can produce such a perfect soundtrack for summer afternoons: imagine yourself on a beach, chilling with your toes sunk in the sand, sweat beaded on the forehead and a fresh fruit cocktail in hand. Viewers Of tried to express the most contemplative and peaceful aspect of this landscape in its EP “Ride Into the Sunset”.

Dreamy and twee (“Your Turn”) alternate with some unexpected distortion (“Complicated Days”), never becoming too rough in order to maintain a delicate aura of innocence. It is never too pop nor too rock, playful in the approach with bit of folkloristic references (“Thought Balloon”). However, banality is banned from this EP, where a delicate space rock a là Expo 70 (“Feedback the Auras”) is promptly substituted with strings and electric guitars (“I Wanna Love You”), still keeping its congruency.

Less lo-fi than The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, more electric than Adults, Elderly and Children, Viewers Of are just what you need to celebrate this sunny Sunday at its best, and if you’re out of luck with seeing the sun, try and use it as a magic spell to coax it out from the clouds.


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