Wilderness Act – EP

 Wilderness Act




You’ll like it if…

…you think that dream and post can get on well.I like the idea of instrumental post-rock as a medicine to help your brain feel good. Wilderness Act, the moniker of Rich Iredale, is a one-man bedroom project whose aim is to infuse emotions with music. The EP is nothing more than three tracks, struggling between dreamy and electric, in a lyrical tension that avoids being obvious or predictable. Moreover, post-rock is a risky genre, as its power is placed entirely on the shoulders of instruments and their voices.

Wilderness Act does what Songs for the Sleepwalkers did before, a one-man project in which an artist tries to recreate feelings and musical images, almost pretending not to be the only one playing and fussing around. Guitar lines constitute the main “vocals”, with reverb and electric riffs, (“Human, Please Understand”), taking its role of substitute quite seriously. The EP then quickly jumps to a dreamier pattern, almost nu-folk, a là *shels or Richard Parker. The tension between dream and post- is what makes this project a fascinating journey, like the one that Lunatic Soul or The Absolute End of the World have already tried to develop, always adding that drop, the tune that can twist the evolution of the sound, adding some “almost-caraibic” subtle vibe (“Light”) or a Glasvegas-esque distortion/reverb (“I Felt Cold, We All Felt Cold”).

All in all, Wilderness Act has reached its goal of helping the brain to feel, if not good, at least better, leaving its body for a bit and wandering around these unexplored music landscapes.

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