Joint Chiefs of Math – Wires

Joint Chiefs of Math




You’ll like it if…

…you are a bit unpredictable

I think I wrote already about schizophrenic rock. Whilst I was listening to an album one day, in the press release I saw this curious genre, not yet on wikipedia. I interpreted it as a form of fragmented and experimental rock, mixed with everything in between (and there is a lot in between). Therefore, when first I came across Joint Chiefs of Math I thought that I found “my” schizophrenic rock, even if theoretically it is a math rock duo. However, the business card provided (the debut album “Wires”) adds something to the already quite full formula of math rock.

“Wires” is composed by heavy-post (sub-genre firstly associated with Valerian Swing) and Battles’s math rock, with electronic vibe and fragmented tunes (“Far Beyond Riven”). There is also a pinch of post-punk and hardcore, like the neurotic guitar riff in “It’s Way Salt”. Quite unexpected instead is the jazz reference of “Full Body Menacing”, which adds a trumpet to the instrumental crew. There is the lo-fi noise of Band of Skulls (“Rumors and Tumors”), the electro-dark atmosphere quite Trent Reznor-esque (“This Place is other Place”), and the incursions in the space rock landscapes with “Debtwish”. Last but not least, the electro-tension a là Roll the Dice, fragmented and gloomy (“Is We Grindin’ Dog?”, “Then, that’s what I call Music”).

This is what I like to call a full orgy of sound and influences, references and improvisation, which may not be for everybody, but it’s still worth a listen. You can call it math rock, I’d rather use schizophrenic. But that’s just me, you know.


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